Lake Surveys and Electrofishing

       Electrofishing is the best way to get an unbiased assessment of your ponds overall health. No two ponds are alike. To properly manage a water body, a pond manager must have a starting point. Once this is known, the correct management decisions are much more apparent.

       Electrofishing targets many species of fish of different sizes. It determines the population structure of forage fish and the predator fish.

       We welcome the pond owner on the electrofishing boat to observe first hand what we see during the survey. We encourage your family and friends to join us. You will find the electrofishing process fascinating.

       During the survey, we will be cruising at a top speed of 2-3 mph and at an average depth of 6 feet. We observe aquatic plant life and water conditions. We determine the waters electrical conductivity properties and then apply electrical current to the water’s surface. This is done with the most modern equipment.

       Once the current hits the water, fish near the “shocking” probes will go into a body cramp and float to the surface. The fish are not harmed but only stunned long enough for netters to put them into the live well.

       After netting is complete, we will identify, weigh and measure each fish. We may tag selected fish and check stomach contents. We then release the fish or cull certain unwanted species.

       After all the data is collected we will compile the information and write a report listing any problematic areas and make recommendations. We compare your data with normal growth rates of data and then make a management plan custom to your goals and specific body of water.

       Recommendations may include: Stocking certain species, culling certain species, adding forage, adding cover and structure, adding automatic fish feeders, and recommendations for improving water quality.  All recommendations are preformed with your specific goals in mind.